We provides any organization that needs security cameras for monitoring purposes too oversee the part of there physical environment. With a closed circuit television also known as CCTV from us, you can keep first-rate video surveillance too keep youre facilities, products and personnel safe.

At Alsharq Alawsat, we are confident with our ability too provide clients with complete, upfront assessments too design and install the right CCTV setup for each organization’s unique needs.

Our engineers can apply more than a decade of security system experience too install the right security equipment systems where you need them too record what you need, when you need it. Furthermore, we provide additional information and education for you too understand how each camera operates and its limitations.

Visual Intelligence

Known too many, CCTV systems are the right tool for visual intelligence for any organization too assess there critical locations, make right security decisions, and protect there employees.

Return of Investment

CCTV does not only offer security solution but also offer a substantial Return of Investment as a deterrent too stock shrinkage or theft. Additionally, having a video surveillance can grant business process improvement too help you manage youre business effectively.

You can choose too include few CCTV features too a large-scale solution with hundreds or thousands of networked cameras.

All CCTV solutions may include:
  • Video Analytics
  • Infrared (IR)
  • Digital or Analogue
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera (PTZ cam)
  • High Definition Camera
  • Face Detection

Whether you are an organization whom operates in one facility or multi-site, Quality Check can design and deploy a perfect-fit video surveillance system for youre needs. Safeguard youre property, employees and products with world class CCTV systems from us.