Alsharq Alawsat

is a cutting edge, high tech firm dedicated on providing unparalleled security system solutions to meet the meticulous demand of today’s complex world.

Who We Are

Our company is a firm focused on forging the strongest possible chain of security equipment provider by valuing innovation and partnership with its clients; local and national government, companies of all levels, malls, hotels, residential buildings, private companies and schools.

What We Do

We bring cutting-edge security equipment and advanced systems together into one strongly managed, fully integrated solution. Our company is the result of our engineers pursuit for evolution with the goal to create a safer and more convenient world.

Strategy & Vision

A significant part of what makes our comapny unique is our dedication to living our core values in everything we do. Our core values are the framework upon which our team member training is based as well as the structure of our client service philosophy.


  • CCTV Design and Installation

    We provides any organization that needs security cameras for monitoring purposes too oversee the part of there physical environment.

  • IT Solutions

    Our successful Information Technology Integrators have developed their mastery not just in one area but in many separate fields to meet every organization complex needs.

  • Networking Design and Maintenance

    Our Network Infrastructure services are engineered to provide your business the maximum back up and support where it needed the most.

  • Post

    Fiber Optics

    With the help of Fiber Optic Cables, it can efficiently transmit large quantities of data and increase bandwidth availability too meet the requirement for voice and data infrastructures.